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Auratsu offers a range of interesting air conditioning and heating solutions. The product range includes devices that bring comfort at home and in the office. All Auratsu units use modern and eco-friendly refrigerants, which focus on the economics of use as much as on their environmental impact.


Heat pumps

Thanks to innovative technological solutions, Auratsu air-to-water heat pumps operate over a very wide range of outdoor temperatures and achieve high temperature performance for the heating system and domestic hot water. The absence of harmful emissions into the environment, the safety of use and their maintenance-free operation make Auratsu heat pumps ideal for anyone building a house and replacing or upgrading an existing heat source.


Air conditioners

Technologically advanced air-conditioning units offer perfect temperature adjustment and the highest indoor air quality, while the systematically expanding range of solutions ensures compliance with a variety of user requirements and parameters of buildings. The compact size of the wall-mounted air conditioners adds to their elegant design and functionality while maintaining impressive efficiency specifications and ease of installation. All Auratsu wall-mounted air conditioners use the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, while a wide range of practical functions ensure that the unit's operation is optimally adapted to the user's requirements.